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Alchemy - The Immersive Experience.

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At the heart of the historic Baccarat Manufacture site, in the obscurity of the Chapelle Sainte-Anne, the House presents a unique immersive experience, unveiling all the magic of its craft.

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For the first time, the general public is invited to take part in a poetic twelve-minute visual journey through the Manufacture. This marvelous tale is about the alchemy that unites the four elements with Human virtuosity.

It is to the artisans of Baccarat that we owe the purity of its crystal, an alliance of fire, air, water, and earth. This story begins in the celestial world, as the zodiac immerses you in the radiance of joy, signature of Baccarat. Astral dust arouses the furnaces of the Grande Hall, illuminating a fascinating choreography: magicians of fire breathe life into crystal, their masterful hands giving it shape, wheel engraving it and applying gold or enamel with a fine brush.

At the bend of a kaleidoscope of fantasies, Baccarat’s masterpieces reveal an entire universe of delight. You will encounter Cecil the Lion, king of the savannah in all his splendor, admire the graceful flight of butterflies with gold wings, dive into the enchantment of the Zenith chandelier and the golden red octagon, symbol of Baccarat, before your gaze moves to the Harcourt glass, icon of the most beautiful festivities.

Entirely developed in the Manufacture’s ateliers, the film uses video mapping to stimulate the senses and play with spatial effects: Baccarat’s works of art awakened, and the House’s archival drawings come to life. Meanwhile, the music is original in more ways than one. While the composition includes sounds captured in the Manufacture itself, it also highlights the singular song of crystal, which resonates in harmony with the other instruments.

The exhibition will also depart from the Lorraine countryside and travel the world. From China to the United States, it is set to shine a light on the name of a House that will celebrate its 260th anniversary in 2024, and which has, since its early days, embodied the art of joy.

This event will be held from July 1 to October 14, 2023 at the Chapelle Sainte-Anne, Cours des Cristalleries in Baccarat – Site de la Manufacture.
Free admission, with registration at: alchimie.baccarat-heritage.com

Design and audiovisual production: Prototype Studio
Musical composition: Yannis Dumoutiers

Initiated by the City of Baccarat in close partnership with the Baccarat Manufacture, this unique project has received financial support from the Massif des Vosges.



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