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L'Âme de Christofle Gold

Gold stainless steel soup spoon


Almost ten years after the launch of "L'Âme de Christofle", the House is inviting us on a colorful new journey featuring new designs. New colors - obtained by applying colored metal alloys to the surface of flatware - are coming to enhance the pure lines of the flatware and add an extra dash of modernity to the finest tables. L'ÂME DE FEU (FIERY SOUL), for the COPPER colorway L'ÂME D'OR (GOLDEN SOUL), for the GOLD colorway L'ÂME NOIRE (BLACK SOUL), for the BLACK colorway Each shade reflects a particular state of mind, opening up the objects' playing field. Everyone can find pieces to match their mood and personality. We recommend for you to adhere to the following maintenance advice to preserve the beauty of your pieces: Your stainless steel flatware can be handwashed as well as it is dishwasher suitable Instructions for cleaning in a dishwasher: To avoid water stains, open the dishwasher door as soon as the cycle is finished and dry with a soft cloth if necessary.

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Categories: Christofle, Flatware
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CollectionL'Âme de Christofle Gold
DesignerEugeni Quitllet
DimensionsL: 20.1cm, l: 4.1cm
MaterialStainless steel
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